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DUO is a ukulele orchestra committed to rehearsing and performing.

DUO currently has a waiting list of potential members.

If you are interested in joining us, and already play to a reasonable standard, please contact to register your interest.



We're now looking for beginners so take a look at our FAQ below, and if you are interested contact  to register your interest;

You too could be playing like this {click this link}.

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A great foot stamping tune, but don't stamp too hard

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No ukuleles were harmed to take this picture

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do I need my own ukulele?

A No, we are happy to lend you a uke to get you started. You will very likely soon want to buy your own model, and there is a huge range of types and prices, ranging from £20 up to as much as you want to pay. We advise avoiding the very budget makes, as often they are actually quite hard to play and risk putting you off as a result.

Q Is there more than one size?

A Yes. Soprano, Concert and Tenor are the usual sizes. Which is why you might want to speak to us and try one before you rush out to buy one.

Q How good do I need to be?

A We are happy to take absolute beginners, and there are beginner classes to give you that essential support as you begin your ukulele journey, the only requirements are enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.


Q How often do you meet?

A We meet once a week, currently on a Tuesday evening at a venue in Daventry. We play for around two hours. The songs are projected onto a screen, so you do not need to bring any songsheets with you, although you may wish to start building up your own collection of songsheets as your playing and involvement develop.

Q Do I need to read music?

A No, not at all. The songsheets we use have chord names on them (chords are an easy way to learn the ukulele,) so you can play without needing to read music.

Q Will I have to play in public?

A We do play gigs, but members sign up only if they want to take part. There is absolutely no requirement to play in public if you do not wish to do so.

Q What sort of music do you play?

A We obviously want to play music that we enjoy and that audiences would like to listen to; tastes are very wide within the group and within the audiences we play to, so our repertoire is very wide-ranging, from traditional folk-based songs to Van Morrison, Elton John and Cat Stevens. [We have yet to include any Grime or Grunge in our repertoire!]

Q How good a singer do I need to be?

A Singing and playing the ukulele go hand-in-hand, but you do not need to be a booming bass or soaring soprano. You do need to be able to sing in tune, but you will find that ensemble singing supports and boosts you. It also releases lots of feel-good hormones and you will find it difficult not to smile after an enthusiastic number!

Q Do I have to pay up front?

A We don't expect you to join from the off. You can come along to your first evening free of charge after which there is a weekly charge of £3 and then you can decide, after having had time to experience DUO, if you want to join the orchestra as a full member.

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