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Booking Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can I book DUO for my event?

A If we are available and you are within travelling distance of Daventry we'd be happy to discuss playing at your event. You can contact us through this link

Q Will you charge to perform at my charitable fundraising event?

A We may be able to support a charitable fundraising event without charge, this depends on the nature of the event and our other commitments.

Q How much do you charge to perform?

A For 'not for profit' clubs and organisations we'll perform for an agreed contribution to our own fundraising efforts, typically between £40-£100 depending on the nature of your event. For private events we'll charge more and would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Q What days of the week do you perform?

A We can be available on most days and times

Q What facilities do you need?

A Enough space for up to twelve people to stand and/or sit; access to one or more electric plug sockets, access to toilet facilities. A cup of tea at the interval is not obligatory, but much appreciated!

Q Can I specify a playlist?

A We have a very large repertoire of songs, covering most genres and tastes. Whilst we cannot guarantee to match an exact playlist, we are happy to have a discussion with you and will do our utmost to meet the musical tastes of your guests.

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